• 22 Number of invested
  • 450 Average investment per project (€ thousands)
  • 58 Average days between presentation and effective investment
  • 71.4%
    Invested projects over presented ones

We work for our Partners: individuals, small investment funds and family offices interested in having access to investment opportunities in innovative projects in their first commercial phases, with fast growth potential and high profitability.

We support our Partners during the whole investment cycle of each investment, from the search and analysis of opportunities until the sales of the acquired stock, aligning always with their interests.

Faraday features

  • Our investment criteria...

    • Capital requirements between 150,000 € and 2,000,000 €
    • Projects with proven commercial interest, through its first sales or agreements
    • Ambition regarding the problem, pain and market
    • High Business scalability and rapid growth capabilities
    • Minimum potential profitability of 5 times invested amount in 3 to 5 years
    • We exclude technologies or traditional models without a clear commercial strategy
  • Selection criteria

    • Equipos promotores cualificados, plenamente dedicados y con fuertes intereses en el proyecto
    • Alta escalabilidad del negocio y capacidad de rápido crecimiento y rentabilidad
    • Rentabilidad potencial mínima de 5 veces el importe invertido por nuestros Socios en un horizonte de entre 3 y 5 años
    • Exclusión de modelos de negocio tradicionales y tecnologías sin una estrategia comercial clara
  • Project boosting

    • We advise and support the invested projects’ promoter teams
    • We proactively use our network
    • A structured collective advantages program is available
    • We design and execute strategies for the partial or total sale of each project
    • We do not charge anything to the invested projects

Why Faraday Venture Partners?

Philosophy and approach...

  • Our Team

    Our organizational structure and of collaboration provides us with swiftness and strength in project boosting, counting on a young, motivated and highly qualified team with full-time dedication as well as an Expert Committee, fully aligned with our objectives and vision.
  • Professional ethics and incentive structure

    We adhere to the CFA Institute's code of ethics. We respect the highest confidentiality for each project and under no circumstance charge any project for the services offered, the investment amount, or any other reason.
  • Our mission

    Dynamize and professionalize the Spanish investment ecosystem and entrepreneurial initiatives in Spain.

    Faraday is a hybrid structure that gives access to many individuals, our Partners, to support some other best entrepreneurial projects from our country and abroad, not only financially, but also strategically with the help of professionals committed to create value on each of their investments.

...operational benefits.

  • Financing and communication

    We invest significant amounts for the stage the companies are in, but our experience results in an agile process for the promoters of the project with a single interlocutor form Faraday’s team. Just as well, we help the promoter team to complete the financing round in which we participate, if it were necessary, or to coordinate the next financing rounds.
  • Support and boosting

    We support promoter teams recurring and occasionally, be it from Faraday’s tea more through external experts, allocating resources or presenting potential investors or clients… whatever is necessary. All of that with no cost for the project or the promoter team.
  • Contact network and collective advantages

    For the internationalization, sector experts, candidates for key hires, potential corporate customers, Venture Capital firms for further phases, search for possible industrial acquirers, etc.

    We also negotiate with different key suppliers certain advantages or discounts for our portfolio companies.

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